My little corner of gross

As mentioned in my previous post, I was recently brought some old-style nurglings by Heretic Deb.

These Nurglings, although not these exact models, were the first thing that I brought in Games Workshop Peterborough when I originally discovered the store way back in 199X! I remember spending hours looking around the shop (Much to the chagrin of my best friend at the time, no doubt) trying to find something that I could actually afford! I only had a paper-round at the time and my funds were severely limited! Thus, I ended up with a small pack of Nurglings and single green paint.

Like some sort of ‘proof’ of this, I still have the original Beast of Nurgle I brought a few weeks later (And a few more pots of green.) I have been tempted to repaint the Beast of Nurgle, but I think part of the charm is having him painted by 12 year old me! (Maybe I can find one on eBay instead and have them as a side by side?)

So to have them both together again now that I have a daemon army underway is a real treat and I am most grateful for such a well-thought gift.

    1. I do too, they’re a lot more sinister than the newer ones!
      I think my other half said something similar when I was painting them. 😀


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