Bombin’ it!

I’ve been trying my hand at competitions at the local Photographic Society, these are members-only contests that are divided up into three sections. Club Class, Advanced Monochrome and Advanced Colour. They happen every other month in DPI and Print format.

My first venture was very encouraging – it was the print round and I submitted a two images into the Club Class Print section. I was rather pleased with my results, 14 and 15. Images are given a mark between 12 and 20. With 20 being the winner. For my first competition being middle ground was really encouraging.

They were the sorts of images that I enjoy taking – exploring the local environment and seeing what interesting textures and shapes I can find.

As such, I was looking forward to entering the first round of DPI competitions too.

I left the meeting feeling a little deflated and discouraged. Two 12s. This isn’t me saying that I thought my images were perfect and the most amazing things since, ever! The comments I had about composition and what-not were fair and justified, but I still felt saddened by where I’d placed. No one likes to be the bottom of the class which is exactly where I ended up.

At least I can only go up from here and I won’t be discouraged for long – I’ll have to work hard between now and the next print competition in a months time to see if I can snap anything worth a few more points!