The old carry-on

I’ve a few art pieces to share with you today. They are of the furry/anthro variety, but it’s honestly what I do ‘best’ and the most.


I do have a couple of trades from this past week to share as well. I’ve been easing myself back into drawing anthro slowly after my break over the festive period – but managed to get these done.

I have a few other pictures in progress as well, which will be great to share with you when I’ve finished them. They are both gifts for people as well.

I am also super, super excited about a project that I have on the go as well. My first three-way trade with Bandi and Batty.

I have hopes and dreams again when it comes to drawing anthro art and I am really enjoying the grounds that I am covering with it. I’ve got a lot of rebuilding to do again, but it’s fun and I’m really pleased to be drawing again.