A new anthropomorphic face

I’ve not posted here the past couple of days because I’ve been working on a little side ‘project’

I’ll be honest, I’ve completely missed drawing anthropomorphic art and characters – so I recreated a dA (to try and avoid idiots) and been drawing a new character

Base by LockworkOrange

Her name is Vee, I named her after VNV Nation – which is my favourite band/group – and am totally rocking a Glamfur high with her again. She is a Kangaroo and my new ‘main’ character for the purpose of this dA. For the time being my other furry characters are on hold (Or possible archived)

I wasn’t getting the fun, friendly interaction on DevArt that I’ve always wanted. So why not start over and try again with a new face and attitude towards it all

I felt a bit hesitant to upload these here for some reason, maybe because there is that lingering ‘fear’ of being judged for going back to drawing anthro characters; they’ve been a part of my art for 16 years now though, so I should have known I’d end up going back to it. I just don’t think I’ll go back to spreading it about all over the place again. Just here and the new dA.