Trade – CrayOATCfan

I’ve not been as active lately on websites like DevArt – but I do have a few favourite artists that I like to keep up with, one of them is CrazyOATCfan. An artist I met via Instagram.

This is her Hormone Monsteress character, Serena.

It was nice to be able to draw something that is a little bit anthro/furry without having to dive too deeply into the fandom again.

I think that’s how I’ll be doing things with the furry fandom for a while. When I get the urge to draw them for other people in the form of art trades or commissions; but stay on the fringes of it myself.

Anyway, let’s not sour the post with negativity about the furry fandom! It was wonderful to be able to draw for someone else again to the point I am thinking of taking on one art trade a week – even if it’s just a simple bust! So, be on the look out for that!