Pattern book, regular faces and Artwork Update

Hello everyone~

It’s time for the weekly update on how things are going, hurrah!

This week, I stumbled across the idea of making myself a pattern book out of a sketch book. Filling it with cookie-cutter circles and filling them with various patterns that I think up or come across that inspire me. It’ll be great to have something of my own making to refer back to and inspire me when I am feeling a little bit… dry!

I’ve only done a couple of pages so far, but I thought it would be great to share it with you as I progress further and further into the book.



Something else to come out of the pattern book is a ‘record’ of the familiar faces that keep turning up in my artwork. Little creatures or monsters that have shown up more than once.

14 jan 2018 pattern book 1

I think this little fellow has turned up enough times to get into the ‘hall of fame’ for this particular idea. I might try adding a page to the website somewhere for these regular faces and write a little bit about them; when they first turned up and maybe make up a little biography about who and what they are.

In the past, a lot of my artwork has been completely character focused and driven and I don’t know if it’s a habit that I am wanting or willing to shake just yet so it’ll be nice to share a bit more of that with you as well.

As for completed artwork, here we go:

jan 14 2018

This was finished off this week (Can you see the familiar face here!?)

When I managed to get it framed I shall share a picture with you of it hanging on the wall with another two images for a completed triptych.

It’s been great to be able to put in a bit of time and be able to share these with you; until next week take care and have fun~