A little delayed

I had a bit of a knock recently, and as always I thought I would come here and talk a bit about it.

When it happened, I sort of just shrugged it all off and laughed about it but as the day went on it got too me a bit more.

I had someone leaving abusive messages on my profile and artwork on DeviantArt. Why. Because I didn’t answer their questions about my characters Vagina.

I’d been talking to the guy on and off for a little while, but the notes asking about my Fursona we’re a little invasive (To say the least) and when I didn’t answer his messages right away he flipped his lid and took it out on me.

There are a few more comments, but you get the general idea.

I don’t know if dA admins took action when I reported the guy or if he deactivated his account in order to avoid repercussions for his actions; but everyone I have spoken to about this has taken it pretty seriously. Especially the part where he threatened to “Beat the fucking shit out of me,” and should he use another account to contact me then I’d certainly be tempted to follow up on their recommendations of taking this beyond simple admins and to legal authorities – how much they can do I don’t know seeing as I don’t take the threats seriously, with that person being in the US. I doubt they could afford to buy a McDonalds cheeseburger, let alone a ticket to the UK and the means to track me down.

Anyway, they’re a real “tough guy” beating up a woman whose only exercise is chasing after a two year old.

That aside, it really made me question if I am doing the right thing. I’ve recently been taking on a few commissions and having a mild measure of success with it. But, if opening up to other sources releases me to these types of people, do I really want too? It’s hurtful, just because someone is bored they lash out. But, I’ve not given up on the things I enjoy in the past 15 years of drawing, just because someone said or did something hurtful or because they didn’t want me too anymore.

With a lot of these types of people – the ones that want to start drama over pretty much nothing – I assume their opinion is what it is because they’re jealous, can’t control what I am doing or have nothing better to do. Their opinion and comments on me/my art/what I’m doing is moot.

In closing

Get a hobby. A real one. Not one that makes you look like an idiot on the internet!