Tomb Kings – Sphinx


I had to play about with the levels in photoshop with this image, for a rather… silly problem. The lighting on the day was so bright that the logo from my light box was shining through the back of the white background and no matter how I tried the exposure levels in camera wasn’t getting rid of it. Maybe I should have tried using a black background instead due to the conditions, but somehow I didn’t think it would work as well for the models painting – which was done, once again, by my husband.


Here’s another image of the same model without the background looking quite so stark.

I’ve always been impressed by the conversion work on this model – it’s a great model anyway – but I think the different pose make it really stand out. If I recall correctly, it also won a little competition at the local Games Workshop store.

Close up on one section of the model.

I don’t know if a dark background would work well for this model, but I’d like to give it a try sometime, just to see.