Celebrate the small

I had a bad afternoon today.

I tried doing some drawing and I told myself that it was too soon and that I wasn’t ready for it again – nor for the wave of bad feeling that came over me after I put the picture down.

I was overcome with negativity that brought my entire afternoon down – thinking what I had created didn’t look good enough. Whatever that means. And I just dwelt on the fact that the picture hadn’t turned out as I wanted it too and that I shouldn’t have bothered trying to draw again so soon into my ‘Artistic Recovery.’

I shouldn’t have been thinking this way and celebrated the fact that I had actually picked up my pencils and done a little bit of sketches. It’s all about bringing light and creating a little bit each day – improvement will come with time, effort and patience; like it has done prior to this.

I just wanted to write this and remind myself that it’s all about small steps and growing little by little; rather than beating myself up just because something didn’t look right.

I’ll bounce back soon enough and be dazzling you all with the wonderful things that I can create soon enough, but for now I have to be gentle with myself and not to harsh over the fact that a small thing didn’t look right or how I imagined it would.

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