Backing off

Thank you for those who’ve noticed I’ve reduced the amount of sites I use again.

I’ve deleted various accounts I’ve been attempting to maintain over the internet again – mostly for my own sanity.

I’ve been having a bit of a struggle keeping up with everything and trying has just become a bit overwhelming as of late, so it has made me stop and have a good think about what I want out of this here internet.

I figure, for me everything is about art and drawing/sharing what I make and create.

I have the biggest following for that on DeviantArt – which is where the vast majority of it shall happily remain. dA has been my ‘home’ on the internet for nearly 15 years, so why should I change that because “The only place I have to keep in touch with certain people is another website that I don’t enjoy using?” I have had enough of running about after people online that really don’t seem to care.

As such, I have updated my lists page of where I am currently active/online. Anywhere else, is an imitation!

I am still debating about keeping twitter or not.

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