Friday Feature – DrPStripes

This weeks Friday Feature is from DrPStripes

Artist showcase! Share with us: Your favourite images

1. What compelled you first start drawing and creating?

Both of my Brothers and Cartoons on tv.

2. Do you have any future plans for your artwork?

Right now I’m a College Student Doing Concept art. So when I’m finished, i might either go to UTD or Do a Webcomic or all together.

3. What sort of media do you use to create your artwork? How long does it take you to complete a piece of artwork?

Mostly Sketchbooks, Flash cards and Tablet. It would take me Less than 2-3 hours to make something good.

4. What inspired you to draw? Do you admire any other artists?

Yes I do! Whom i Admire is Newspaper Comic artists, Talented Furry artists, Manga Artists and Cartoonists.

5. Do you have any tips for any aspiring artists – beyond the usual ‘practise daily’? (These tips don’t have to be art creation related.)

The usual Follow your Dreams, But don’t take things or life seriously. Enjoy what you love a lot, Be Weird!

6. What is your fondest artist memory? (eg – An art trade you were really proud of/pleased with, your first commission, etc)


7. Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Anyone can be a artist. but don’t be like the bad ones who do it for Views, Horniness, think they’re cool or the best, or for Attention. Be yourself and be creative.


Many thanks to DrPStripes for taking the time to answer these questions for the Friday Feature and if you’d like to be featured on the blog then please, don’t hesitate to get in contact.