Friday Feature – Milkytreatt

This weeks Friday Feature is from Milkytreatt

Artist showcase! Share with us: Your favourite images

1. What compelled you first start drawing and creating?

I’ve always drawn with a mouse in MS Paint on a very old computer of mine. I’m unsure what compelled me to draw but I found it very fun to mess with the tools. As I got older, I began taking my art more seriously and began to look into tutorials and references, as well as other art-tools in order to help me achieve a better future with my artwork.

2. Do you have any future plans for your artwork?

I hope to someday become an art figure in the eyes of others that when they see my art, it makes them happy. I’d love to someday work for a big gaming company, such as Nintendo or Blizzard Entertainment, as a concept artist. I’d love to create characters for games, as well as develop game art such as scenes and backgrounds.

3. What sort of media do you use to create your artwork? How long does it take you to complete a piece of artwork?

I use Paint Tool Sai and a Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet!! It doesn’t take me more than a day to create a piece of art if I work at it all day, however I realize that I don’t take the time to really detail and plan out a piece. I want to be one of those artists who have amazing backgrounds in their work, detailed shading and glowing, as well as interesting facial expressions and poses.

4. What inspires you to draw? Do you admire any other artists?

At first, it was to pass the time as I didn’t have internet on my computer when I was younger. However, when I first joined DeviantART in 2012, a friend of mine drew using dA muro. Her art inspired me to take my art more seriously and work at improving. I do have a few inspirations to this day who are illustration artists and I absolutely adore and envy the work they make. Each piece is so thoughtfully constructed and beautiful to look at, I hope someday I can match the potential they worked so hard to achieve.

5. Do you have any tips for any aspiring artists – beyond the usual ‘practise daily’? (These tips don’t have to be art creation related.)

Aside from practice practice practice, let yourself make mistakes!! If your first sketch doesn’t come out the way you wanted it, don’t delete it! Continue relining those sketches over and over with new sketchmarks (on a new layer, preferably) and continue until a sketch comes out the way you wanted it to. It’s also extremely helpful to use references. There’s tons of Pinterest, and you can use Google for model poses to if you’d rather a real human pose instead of a drawn one! Tutorials are very helpful, especially if you want to add more details instead of having everything flat-coloured. Trust me, these things go a looooong way in the longrun.

6. What is your fondest artist memory? (eg – An art trade you were really proud of/pleased with, your first commission, etc)

I think my fondest memory was when I first realized just how much my art has improved over the years. It truly inspired me to continue moving forward with my art, and the thought of: ‘Wow, look how far I’ve come. Just imagine how much further I can go with improvement!’ just really motivates me to continue drawing, no matter what. Although I hit art block a substantial amount, that won’t ever stop me from moving towards my goals and dreams. ❤

7. Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Please don’t give up!! Don’t let others dictate your work. If you’re proud of a piece, BE PROUD! Even if someone else doesn’t like it, don’t let that stop you from creating more. Nobody is born an artist. We work to reach that title, regardless of our skill levels. If you aren’t the best right now but you love to draw, then you’re an artist! Continue working and working until you reach that skill level your inspirations have. Keep moving, keep going. I promise you’ll enjoy it. <333


Many thanks to Milkytreatt for taking the time to answer these questions for the Friday Feature and if you’d like to be featured on the blog then please, don’t hesitate to get in contact.