Under pressure

My blog did phenomenally (for me) last week and got nearly 200 views. I am thinking it is partially because I was blogging about the Blogging University and Blogging Branding; of which to give a quick update on – I have implemented all the changes it has recommended; putting back my archives, visiting and commenting on other peoples blogs which are relevant to my own, etc. So I guess something there is working already. I just need to keep it going and it’ll hopefully be onwards and upwards!

I must admit, I am now feeling the pressure to continue this growth and I feel a little ‘lost’ without the Blogging Branding crutch. How did everyone else who has taken it manage after the course had finished?

Ultimately, the Blogging University course has given me renewed strength, determination and direction when it comes to the blog, so I am grateful for that. I shall try my best to update with something here every day (Unless on Holiday) and just keep things going for as long as I can.

If you ‘serious’ about blogging though – as in you want to get your content seen by more people – then I really do recommend the blogging courses by The Blogging University cause it’s got some really handy hints and tips to help out.

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