New Year, New Fangirl?

Hello everyone.

And a happy (belated) New Year to you all.

I hope you’re all recovered from eating too much chocolate and drinking too much alcohol!

We are now back into the usual routine of Toddler Group in the mornings, thankfully, and blogging in the early afternoon while my son sleeps. Or in the evening while he sleeps.
Things have changed a little bit around here since the end of 2017. I voiced my concerns with the internet as a whole and my use of it in my previous post and for a while I made my blog private and hid everything from view. But, after some thinking I have decided to keep the blog about and keep on updating.

But as I just mentioned, I have made a few changes. I’ve made a dedicated Abstract art blog called Art Enlightenment and a dedicated book ‘review’ blog called  The Eternal Bookcase. This is so that I can have special places for these two aspects of my interests. For a while, I was left wondering what I could use this blog for. I know I have often been confused while updating this blog because I don’t really know it’s purpose.

But then I was wondering about with Marcus and thinking about some things that were once pretty important to me and realised that I no longer have an outlet for them. Hobby stuff, like Wargaming, Roleplaying and Video gaming. But more than that a personal space to write down and vent my thoughts. Really the inner workings of an over-thinker and generally the additional parts of my personality that make me… me.

So I figured I should use this blog, as well as for my hobbies, but also for my unpopular opinions and somewhere to write down what I am thinking and how I am feeling.

I am not sure quite how I feel about running three different blogs as I’ve struggled with it in the past, but there is no harm in giving it a try. I know the book ‘review’ blog is more of an ‘as and when’ I finish a book update deal. The painting I am trying to keep going as much as possible. As for this place, I need to go through my categories and have a good old fashioned spring clean (Remove the book reviews stored here over to The Eternal Bookcase) and just generally get back into the swing of things again.


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