Photovember #1

For a quick introduction, Photovember is a challenge that has been put out on various social media platforms by Chris Frosin; a very talented photographer from the UK, who is one of the most cheerful and enthusiastic people ever. So when they presented the Photovember challenge (to take a photograph of your world everyday in November) I couldn’t resist the idea.

Though, looking back on it now, I feel a bit of a fraud. I’ve not picked any of my cameras in months and I think the last assessment I had of my photography hobby didn’t go down to well.

For the most part, I feel like photography is something that I need to ‘let go’ but something keeps drawing me back in, so I think this challenge will really help me sort out my thoughts on the hobby if nothing else.

So, photograph number 1


A theme I always enjoyed (and was heavily discouraged at Uni) was macro photography, getting in really close to something to see how light and shadows play on them. I also wanted to take something a bit symbolic for my first photovember picture – a lock and chain – to show how I feel about photography these days. A little trapped and locked in?

This was taken with my Sony Cybershot – a decent enough compact camera, but I really prefer my Canon Eos d20 (even if it is old now) as I prefer photographing through the lens rather than on a screen; but beggars can’t be choosers!

I’ll try my best with the challenge and see if I can find a ‘style’ that suits me again or maybe just enjoy the challenge for what it is.

Either way, I hope you join in and have some fun with it all.