Experiment – 110717

When I say this wasn’t for me, I mean it!

I had the underpainting finished a while ago, and was at a bit of a loss of what to do with it. So, when I saw a similar painting style in a book I thought I would give it a try myself.

The reason it wasn’t for me, is because it requires a level of control that I didn’t feel happy or comfortable with. I feel like the edges of each square shape should be absolutely straight, and obviously, this is something that I couldn’t achieve. No effectively anyway. So, while it was fun to try out some of my palette knives finally, I don’t think this is the right way to use them for me. I feel like I should be a bit more free with my creative strokes rather than limiting myself in this way.

It does make me appreciate the amount of control that a lot of modern artists have to employ in their work though!


  1. Hi Jenn, This is the first post I read of yours and I believe that you need to remove the word ‘should’ from your vocabulary. Rather that saying what you think you should do, just to it and see how you feel. This is my heartfelt advice to you. We are all on a journey and learning. I wouldn’t ditch this painting yet as I could see more layers coming if you really don’t like it. BTW, I like straight lines too, but am learning to like them when they aren’t perfect. Sort of like life! 🙂

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