Searching my Feelings


Hi everyone

Seeing as I’ve put my Nature Image to the side for the time being, I decided to try and do something different. Sort of. I repeated a process of working that I enjoyed the first time around, but this time I wanted to actually think about something more personal and see if that was reflected in what came out. I think it certainly had an impact on what I was doing and the choices of colour I picked.

Since the birth of my son, my body has naturally changed and this is something that I have struggled with a lot. A part of me knows that I should embrace my scars and love what they represent; but at the same time, I hate the way I look now; especially when I try some of my old clothes on and they don’t fit or hang the way they used too. Or worse, cling to the parts of me that will never be the same again.

So, I wanted to paint something that would bring out these feelings in a visual way. The image is what came out – or the Work in Progress of it at any rate. The painting is now drying and needs to be signed off, but I think its more or less finished. I might do some touch up work on a few spots that I don’t like the look of; regardless, I’ll share the finished results with you as soon as I can get outside and photograph it properly. (It’s been a bit rainy today)