Coming together


Hi everyone~

Today, I’d like to share my latest work in progress piece with you.

You know how I’ve been chattering about how to get natures influence into my paintings? Well, I cam across the idea that I could collage actual elements of nature into my artwork. In a similar way as this painting. Using found artefacts – leaves, twigs, stones and bricks, etc – as a part of the background for the image.


I then painted over the whole thing in a singular colour and added some sand to parts of the wet paint. I’m not really sure if I should paint over everything the next time I try thing out, I’ll have to have a think when the painting has been finished, I think there might be something ‘better’ in leaving the natural colours in some elements; like the bigger pieces of wood.

Also, not sure if No Nails is the best adhesive to use for artwork, so if anyone has any suggestions there, I am all ears.

As always, comments and thoughts are welcome and appreciated.