Bury Agricultural Show

I’ve been holding off on writing this blog post, mostly because I have been wondering how it really relates to my creative journey and my artwork. Yet, the desire to post and talk about this even has still been within me, so maybe it’s just through writing this post that I’ll find out?

Bury Agricultural Show is an annual even, hosted at Burrs Country Park close to where I live each year. It’s family orientated show, with a host of different events, animals and entertainment acts throughout the day. Although we didn’t spend that much time at the show this year, mostly due to a rather poor offering of things to look at. There was a good show of horses and people doing various things in the arenas, yet on the side of stalls we found the show a little on the dull side – which is a shame compared to previous offerings.

However, seeing the animals with my son was really sweet. He found particular entertainment in the chickens, ducks and sheep which are more on his eye level.


I think it was while we were at the show I realised just how important out-doorsy and naturey stuff is to me, and us as a family, while on our recent holiday we did a lot of walking around new places and we all had a wonderful time; even the dog who like all other dogs, loves his walks. So, it was here that I really started thinking about how I could get that important element into my artwork.

I am still yet to try out my most recent art idea for getting nature involved, but I have gotten a few elements in place so that I can start when I get a bit more spare time – I am hoping to get a start on something tomorrow and I am really, really excited about doing so, which I cannot tell you quite how amazing that feels. I am actually excited about art and creating something! I’ve not had that feeling in such a long time! Not about art at any rate. So things are actually starting to work.