Second Steps



I’m trying my best to keep the art thing going! Trying something new here and there when I can. And, so far, I think it seems to be going all right. With every painting, I feel like I am getting a step closer towards where I want to be.

Although, again, I am not entirely happy, nor am I entirely sad, about this painting. There are some thing that I tried out that I’d never thought about before. Whenever someone mentions the word collage to me I can instantly feel a sense of distaste for it. I just think of spending forever cutting out bits of paper and sticking them to other bits of paper in the hopes that they look halfway decent. I never thought for a second that collage could involve sticking things to a canvas and painting in, around and over them for different textures.

Even when I was sticking pieces of tinfoil onto the canvas, I was still thinking ‘This is stupid.’ Like, that voice in me is always telling me negative things – but I think a period of resistance when it comes to art is really normal. It’s certainly something I have read about in The Artists Way. If you’re feeling creatively stuck, I really recommend this book as a course of action, by the way. It’s something I refer back to every now and again when I am feeling especially bad about how everything is going.

I’ve another WIP on the go now, which you can see over on my Patreon feed. So if you’re inclined you can go have a peek over there too for more exciting stuff. I’ll share the final results with you over here soon enough.

Thanks for joining me on my journey so far~