Update on artsy things

In my recent artistic musings I ran into this guy again. Sabastian has been a character that has always come and gone during my artistic journey. I know for a fact that I have written about him on my blog before. Usually while lamenting the fact that I’ve never been able to finish (or even start) writing the story in which he features.

But it’s nice that he managed to pop his head round the door every now and again to check in.

I recently redesigned my Fursona. I can’t share the pictures here cause they are nsfw and I don’t want to change my settings to reflect that! I do feel a bit bad about changing her, I’ve had her old design for a long time. I just struggled drawing her old design. Well, her ears! Haha. I have a fair amount of art for her old design though and I drew her up a storm way back when, so I am tempted to redraw some of the original design pictures up again in the new design. See how they compare and how my drawing has improved over the years too. It’d be cool to commission some of the artists that drew her for me as well, again to see how they compare. Ahhhh, pipe dreams! I don’t even know if some of those people are still about over ten years later!