A journey continued. 

I was 11 when I met you. And I was terrified. I am sure I’ve told you the story before! I’ll have to find it and link back. 

I think that’s how most stories about this particular thing should start. A little fear never truly hurt anyone. At least, it didn’t me, not in the long run. If anything it gave me a morbid fascination that lasted me for a very long time.

Alien: Covenant is out in the cinema this week, and I am nervously excited about seeing it. (Which I am really hoping I can) I’d love to feel like that little 11 year old again, utterly terrified about what is unfolding before my very eyes. And yet, I’m nervous. There is always that underlying worry that something won’t live up to expectations. Mostly because Aliens have been a big part of my life in one way or another and I don’t even know if I can find them scary anymore. Even though they’ve been described as the most terrifying creatures on movie history. To me, they’re home!! 

I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing an Alien film in the cinema. Which makes me rather sad, and I a, pleased that I, finally having the chance to rectify this issue. I saw the AvP films on the big screen but I don’t think that they should count! 

I’m going to try and avoid any film reviews until after I have seen it and certainly don’t wish for any spoilers to come my way! So if you do get to see the film and want to talk to me about it, please check to see if I have seen it or not first! 

I’m just happy that the Aliens series getting another chapter to its glorious heritage.