Hi gang,Scan 5

I know it’s been a bit since I posted – I did promise to try harder, looks like I failed a bit there.

I drew this guy up today and I wanted to write something down about him here, so I didn’t forget it!

His name is Zeke – shortened from Ezekiel – and he was going to be a part of an AU of my characters that I was once upon a time working on. Somehow I fell out of love with the idea, but this guy and the form of Torquemada (I’ll write about him later) stuck with me.

He was meant to be the main characters partner and a mercenary working for a different faction (There were two warring factions, and many bands fighting for those factions) to the main character. It was a post apocalyptical world with monsters and that sort of thing; where the characters were fantasy races and all that jazz!

Zeke, is a revenant. Where, when killed, he revives. So for his mercenary unit he was the expendable character that was usually getting eaten, maimed, shot, stabbed etc, so that the rest of his merc group could accomplish whatever task it was they had set out to do.

I just thought it would be pretty heart-wrenching for the main character to lose someone they cared about. Only for them to be on the receiving end of a very poor tasting joke!
Maybe I just have a mean sense of humour!

Still, I wanted to post this up to show that I’m not just drawing boobs and penises over on twitter. Promise!