Tell Tale Tuesday – 1

Hi Gang,

Just a quick Thank you first of all to those who liked and viewed my last ‘Tell Tale Tuesday’ post. Because no one sent any questions in I visited Random Questions and got a few questions from there.

How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?

Pretty much no time at all! All I really need in the morning is a cup of tea, go to the loo and throw some clothes on. No necessarily in that order! I’ve never been the fashion conscious/make-up sort so I don’t feel like I have ever had to spend much time ‘getting ready’ in that sense, which is a good job really because now I have a son and a dog I don’t get that luxury time anyway.

What website do you visit the most?

WordPress, it’s the home of my blog and I found that the app/desktop app doesn’t feel as comfortable as the website.
I used to be a bit of an internet addict at one point and there was a plethora of other sites I used to visit as well. DeviantArt was always high up on the list; but I have recently broken free and don’t have an account there anymore. Weasyl, Furaffinity,,, and Twitter were also often visited websites; but I only have a twitter account active now.

Would you rather be blind or deaf?

This is a horrible question, because although I am a visual artist, I usually create to music! I think I would ‘rather’ be deaf though, as then I could still communicate and enjoy all the visual things I currently do, such as movies, art and books. Though, I know there are alternatives for blind people – I don’t think either would be all doom and gloom.

So, if you have any questions for me please feel free to comment here or get in touch via twitter or by any other means you know of.

Much Love


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