Hi Gang,

This week I have been playing with a couple of ideas – the second one I’ve not done any physical work for as of writing this post – but the first is to do a plaque for my sons bedroom.

We have a cupboard under the stairs in his room which has a door and seeing as his door has his own name on it, I think it would be rather cute for the ‘Monsters in the Cupboard’ to have their own plaque too.

It was a particularly difficult day, due to my son teething and generally having a very off day, so I’ve not had much time to do any drawing and when I did get to settle down I felt so frantic and stressed out I couldn’t really focus on what I wanted. I needed to just take a few deep breaths before trying to draw, but I didn’t so everything was as disjointed as I felt.

But I got to try out a few ideas and have a bit of a play about and see what I could come up with.

I used a sketchbook I had laying about for these and the convenient ball point pen next to it. As such (and with my WIP painting) I realised that I prefer my artwork when it has thicker lines to it, I just find it has more of an appeal to it that way.

One of my other ideas to help me relax a bit came from finding a sketchbook from University with some doodles in it. I thought I could give drawing them another go, seeing as it’s been a bit since their first conception.

I don’t think this ‘experiment’ went as well mostly due to how I was feeling – that frantic, panicky, unsettled feeling of stress – so maybe I’ll go through this process again when I am feeling a bit calmer. I wanted to share the results with you anyway.

Much Love