doodle_on_watercolour_by_jenn_rushby-d7i7a2b I find this amazing artistic journey such a wonderful thing at times. If I hadn’t stumbled across this particular piece of work, I’d have sworn blind that my artwork hadn’t changed and that I was still doing the same sort of thing to when I first started.

Looking at this, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

While the style is most obviously mine, I can see where my work has evolved over the time I have spent creating this type of artwork. And actually, how the other styles and sorts of artwork that I have done in between focus’ have informed my current practise too. It’s humbling to find something from where you started and see how it has changed along the____untitled_____by_jenn_rushby-d7ek4k6

It makes me somewhat kiddy with excitement to wonder how my artwork will evolve over the next few months and years I’ll be creating. I guess that is why we all call it an artistic journey, because when we look back we can see the footprints of our past creations and how our steps may have changed, but we still keep elements of what we started with, with us.

I just wanted to share this all with you because it made me feel rather happy to see that, despite me thinking otherwise, I have evolved and my artwork has already changed along with me.

Much Love