Marcel Character Bio

I had a new visitor in my head space lately. And while I don’t envision me doing anything other than think about them, I don’t want to forget them either. So I thought I would write a bio for them on here. 

Name: Marcel Devosa

Alias:  Mars (Hates this nickname)

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Straight

Age: 36


Affiliation: College of the Arcane Arts

Occupation: Studying for Professorship, 9th Level (Final Year)

Build: Above average height with a weight he carries well. His body is toned with muscular definition to his body, but not overly pronounced. 

Skin tone: Lightly tanned, think someone who spent time out Dorris during British summertime. 

Hair: Dark, thick and wavy, reaches his shoulders in length.

Eyes: Grey.

Distinguishing Features: Bearded, goatee style. 

Personality: Openly friendly, flirtatious and deeply caring. 

Dress: Usually a long sleeve shirt, no tied with the sleeve either undone or rolled up and dark coloured jeans, with black dress shoes. 

Special items: Spell book, which looks like an average pocket journal or address book in size. 
Weapons: None

Magic/Special Abilities: Abjuration school of magic. Details pending. 
Weaknesses: He tends to spend a lot of time ‘locked away’ in his study when he is really into one of his studies. During this time he has a tendency to forget the basic things in life; eating, sleeping, basic healthcare. These periods of mania are rather common and come with all the detrimental effects associated. He has been hospitalised and medicated before in his life, but tends to feel he doesn’t need any outside help once the period of mania passes. 







Siblings: 3 sisters, one older, two younger. (Currently unnamed) 

Children: None 





Friends: Lambos – Manors Servant/steward. 




Pets: None, but his manor does have a cat that visits from time to time that he feeds. It’s a mouser and doesn’t need the food but it’s given it anyway. He just calls it ‘Cat’ and it does show any sign of affection! 

Interests: Sociable drinking, 

Word setting/fandom: DnD modern / Original.

There is still a lot of work I have to do on him, but i just wanted to get some stuff down before I forgot. 

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