Shameless Promotion

Hi fans,

Today, I want to take time away from talking about myself and do some shameless promotion for another blog – I feel like it’ll be my good deed of the day – so I looked over my rather thin looking blog roll and found a site that I visit regularly. Albeit I am reminded to look via twitter and/or facebook, but it is a gentle prodding that I really don’t mind.

I have mentioned before that I am a fan of all things creative and fun so I’ve chosen to send you to Toystark and friends

It is a ‘Geek Culture’ blog featuring a toy version of Tony Stark and some other random miscreants and the fun that they have together on the shelf in which they live (And other fun places they may or may not get to visit)

The whole venture is rather charming in it’s own way, with easily digestible photography and content that just adds a little sparkle to my reading list on the days it is updated; usually Wednesdays and Sundays (Unless there is a special event going on that warrants a bonus update, like Valentines day)

Naturally, this blog will speak to you if you like your Action Figures, Geek Culture and have a decent sense of humour!

The blog itself is still rather new and ‘upcoming’ so it may not be as polished off as some people might like, but there we go! It’s one of those ‘appreciate it for what it is’ things and see how the blog grows and improves over time. I just wanted to share this little gem of the internet with you all.