Write about someone that inspires you.

Another difficult post from my writing challenge. I could write about a lot of people, but whenever I have mulled the post over in my head, it actually sounds more like jealousy than admiration.

Like, I admire people that have the ability to get so much done in a day. Yet I always seem to compare how little I can get done too what they do. 

I admire people who can write down their ideas and be completely consumed by them, and I look back on my trail of unfinished projects and feel blue. 

I admire artist who are brilliant at what they do, especially if they are younger than me, and see the advice of ‘practice’ and want to scream cause compared to them I’m rubbish and have been drawing more or less non stop since 2003. 

But maybe admiration isn’t the same as inspiration. When it comes to inspiring me, I don’t really know if there is anyone anymore. Not like there used to be anyway. Of course I enjoy seeing what people do, and reading the stories that friends put out there, but I can’t really say that X person inspires me to do better anymore. It all feels a bit hollow right now I must admit. 

I think I’ve been looking for this person for a while as well, and maybe they’re right in front of me? Someone that believes in me as much as I do them? But right now that spark of inspiration to do something just isn’t there right now. It feels like I am just going through the motions rather than being inspired. 

So yeah. This right now is a difficult subject to touch upon, because be it a fictional character or a real person, they just aren’t influencing or inspiring me right now. It’s just me against it all! 

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