Pet Peeves

Ooooh, this’ll be a fun one! My top three pet peeves. I could say about some smaller more insignificant things, like chewing gum or litter but while these annoy me, then generally don’t get me ranting my head off all evening about it!

Bullying – I think this is more than a simple pet peeve to be honest. And if anyone actually likes bullying there is something wrong with their heads, lets be fair. But, what I really cannot stand is when adults bully children. I was in the local market this weekend and one woman was sat at a nail bar while her daughter was sat on the floor behind her – I think playing with a toy or something, either way, not up to anything much at all while she waited for her mother – but the mother was busy telling her. ‘Oh look, what a stupid little baby, on the floor.’ I guess she didn’t want her daughter to be sat in the middle of the floor, but it was the condescending manner in which she spoke to her child that made me remember it. I know it might seem like nothing, but to me it came across as totally mean.

In relation to the bullying peeve, is people that guilt trip other people online. It seems like there is this big thing now where it’s all right to be friends with someone and make them be friends with only ‘you.’ Or role play with only ‘you.’ Or conform to ‘your’ thoughts, rather than let them do what they want to do. And should you have a disagreement because you don’t do as they say, you know the friendship will be over and you’ll have to face a series of guilt-trippy journals or ‘vagueposts.’ I am having trouble expressing my thoughts here clearly, but those who know what I mean should understand.

Being lied too – This is a big one as well, I think I can mostly blame my Dad for it as well, cause if I remember rightly, it’s something that annoys him greatly. I remember I was going to go somewhere with a friend and for whatever reason they didn’t feel up for going. That would have been fine and it wouldn’t have bothered me in the slightest, if they’d told me their reasons. However, I got told that tickets had sold out. I knew this wasn’t the case as I checked online and could have brought tickets for this event. Why go through that elaborate deception rather than just say they ‘Didn’t have the money’ or ‘I don’t feel up for it.’ I guess they thought they would have been sparing my feelings, but hey-ho!

Questions – This might be a bit of an odd one, but I hate it when I am asked the same question over and over again. It wears me down until eventually I give a stupid/sarcastic answer to the question. Being asked ‘Are you okay?’ constantly is really draining. I don’t mean as in every time I see someone, I mean every 10 minutes or so.

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