Something I never forgot.

This post, might be a bit sappy, just to warn you.

It’s in relation to my 30 Day Writing Prompt, “Write something someone told you that you about yourself that you never forgot,”

I don’t like to delve to much into my childhood while I was at Walton Comprehensive School as most of my memories about the place aren’t really all that fond. I struggled daily with being bullied by my peers for one thing or another; be it my hair was a mess, I had to wear glasses, or my clothing wasn’t up to social standards of the time. (As an aside, I remember the first time I had a pair of fashionable trousers and I wanted to wear them every day because I actually felt like I might be able to fit in.)

I remember I was standing in line to go into a class room (Geography, I believe with Miss Noble!) and one of my classmates looked behind them and told me that I have really nice eyes. To hear one of my peers tell me something nice about myself was pretty much beyond my wildest dreams back then. I had next to no confidence in myself and my self-worth around other people was sinking faster than the titanic. So, while a compliment often made me wonder what it was that someone wanted from me, this one actually stuck with me – it didn’t exactly change anything or build me up in anyway, but it stuck with me and that’s got to count for something.

I remember who told me it as well, though I don’t want to mention any names!

It makes me laugh, because my son is often complimented on his eyes and how beautiful they are and I big-headedly tell myself, ‘Thanks he got them from me.’

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