10 things that make me really happy. 

This is he first in my 30 days writing challenge. I actually struggled coming up with this list, which is actually somewhat saddening in itself. Who else has trouble coming up with 10 thins that make them happy? Some of them are pretty obvious as well, but here we go.

Drawing – This is the most obvious thing on the list really, it’s something that I try and do every day and after a time of not doing it I can feel my mood shifting towards the horrible pit of dispair. I’m not the best artist out there, but drawing my character and for others is something that really lights me up. Sure, it has its frustrations like when you can’t capture what is in your head properly or when ingrates aren’t thankful for what you draw for them, but there we go. It is something that is a core part of myself.
Creativity – This sort of goes hand in hand with drawin, but I love seeing what other people create and talking about ideas. I guess roleplaying sort of goes here as well, but I’ve had a fair few issues with roleplaying over the years as well. Although I just started a new one with a friend so we will have to see how that all goes! But yeah, talk no about ideas, it just makes me happy.

Reading – Again this goes with the above. I love reading books and being taken away to another world on a fantastic journey. Or standing alongside a detective trying to solve a horrific murder. Or even falling in love with Mr. Tall dark and handsome! Books are magical things and I honestly wish I had more time to be transported away.

Fangirling – I am loathe to admit this one! I find there is nothing as fun as finding a fellow fan girl and gushing over favourite characters! I’ve not felt this part of me for a while, which makes me somewhat sad. I’ve not found anyone new anyway.

Rambo – Which brings me nicely to this guy. I know I still have a special place for Rambo in my fangirly heart because I walked passed a car while walking the dog the other day and it had a Rambo sticker across it and I felt a slight pang of guilt that I hadn’t visited the fictional husband in a while!

Video Games – I have always enjoyed video games. I think for the same reason I like reading. For me they are another form of telling a story. But they are more social. The family had an amiga when I was growing up and we would all gather together and play games like Lemmings and Monkey Island together, solving the puzzles and thinking about it all as a family. Even now the husband and I play games together, even if it’s just me watching. I think this is why I have some reservations about this Virtual Reality boom that seems to be hitting at the moment. I don’t see how it can work as a social, come together thing when you’re wearing a headset. Unless it all goes Demolition Man on us?

Exploring – This isn’t something that I enjoy doing by myself, but when I go away somewhere on a holiday I enjoy nothing more than seeing all the new sights around me. I don’t mean sightseeing as such (although this is fun too) but just finding out where I am in the world.

Learning – I didn’t think to put this in the post until I was writing it, which I guess is what all this is about. But one of my old lecturers told me that I ‘get off’ on learning. At the time I didn’t really agree or get what he meant by that, but looking back on it I totally do. I enjoy being shown how to do new things and reading new subjects. It’s why I enjoyed seeing demonstrations at Bury Art Society and going to talks. It’s something that I would really like to pick up again sometime soon.

Animals – I get nothing but pleasure when I see an animal. I love seeing them in the zoo, the wild and even domesticated animals. I love the company of my dog, who is currently falling asleep on my feet as I type this out. I once did a National Diploma in Animal Management, I got a bit downhearted with the course itself towards the end and wanted to quit, but was guided to stick it out til the end. While I discovered that working with animals isn’t something I wanted to do it’s because of this course that I started drawing again. I sometimes think that maybe I should pick it up again as a career, but honestly, have no idea of I would enjoy it or if I have the confidence to try it again.

Tea – I drink this daily, I like having a nice warm mug of tea with me in whatever introvert ventures I am undertaking, even if it goes cold while I day dream.

Marcus – I had to save the best thing until last! I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy spending time with this wonderful cheeky chappy. Sure being a full time mum is the hardest thing in the world to be, but when he has a giggle fit all the hardships are forgotten! At the moment he is growing his top teeth so having a few bad days. I say bad, it means it just wants more cuddles than normal. I have had days where I have thought to myself that I can’t cope anymore, but tell myself to keep on going for his sake. Happy baby, happy family really is where it’s at!

Of course, there are other things that make me happy too. Like, Music, walking, hobby stuff, but I was limited to just 10 things.

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