Well then.

I came here initials with the idea of posting about my experiences on a Furry social media site called Ferzu, but they weren’t very positive. Despite my profile saying I was married he first message I get was someone trying to hit on me. I said i wasn’t interested in what they were offering and moved on, though they were somewhat persistent.

I noticed a feature of the site was that you could look up Furs that were local. I saw someone was online and lived in the next town across. I look at their profile, see they are a fellow artist, but only interested in men. I figure I’m not there looking for romantics so send them a message. But just get met with resistance and hostility. I leave it at that and generally figure that the site isn’t really for me. Before I close my account I give this persons profile a last looking over and see a ‘I’m going to be alone forever’ post saying they have no one to talk too. Not surprised with their attitude to be honest! 

Once again I am somewhat put off the whole furry fandom. I’ll just stick to drawing furrys and leave it at that.

In other news I’ve been drawing a fair bit and managed to do some art trades. I’ll share the art soon, but it’s on my Patreon account already. I’ve got a couple of commissions to finish off then I am thinking of trying to do some more trades again as it’s been a while since I did any. 


The kiddo is currently growing his top teeth, poor thing. He has needed a lot of cuddles today. 

    1. It’s someone who identifies as an animal? I think?
      I never really thought about it too much to be honest!
      I’m a part of the community as a furry/anthro artist more than someone who thinks they are an animal so I don’t have a huge long explanation.

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