Snowflake Method

I have been trying to write some of my own personal projects for a good while now. Some of the stories I’ve been half-arsedly trying to write I have had in my head for years. I’ve only really dabbled with getting them down onto paper, as I feel like they have been mamothly epic novels that I didn’t even know how to attempt going about writing them – I always thought that my skills for the written verse were never really good enough and I should start with something a bit simpler.

Then I came across Randy Ingermanson’s snowflake method.

It’s a method of planning out stories by starting off really broadly and narrowing everything down in stages. (Which is a gross over-simplification of the method, but you can read more about it here)

I tried using the method a while ago with one of my stories, but never got all that far with it as I was writing it all down on paper and getting myself very confused.

Since then, I caved and brought the Snowflake Pro software.

Which has been an absolute God-Send. I know it’s not much, but since doing all the planning on the program I’ve written a good 2 chapters of my first novel with the aim of writing 500 words a day –  I know that this isn’t much but it’s a nice easy, manageable target that fits in with my current lifestyle and makes me feel acomplished.

I really do urge anyone who is stuck with their story planning to give the method a try as it really does help get everything out of your head and into some sort of organised state. I plan on readressing some of my other stories and ideas in this way so I can actually get them out there.

Have any of my readers had any experience with this method and has it worked for you? What method of planning and the likes do you all use? Would be interesting to know.