So how exactly do I do this?

I am somewhat worried about the future of my blog – if the blogging University course has shown me anything, it is that blogs about general things aren’t that successful. I need to impose something that I do not have. A one track mind. A single minded focus to talk none stop about one thing.

I sadly do not have that ability. I currently cannot think of one topic that I could constantly blog about and be happy. I have far too many interests – reading, gaming, wargaming, stories, artwork – which is another broad generalisation, fangirling, roleplaying, blogging, orcs, space marines; it all become very broad very quickly.

So how am I meant to run a successful blog covering these topics?

I don’t think that I can.
Which makes me feel pretty sad about the whole thing.
I like having a place to share my thoughts and ideas, but at the same time I’d like to have an engaging audience to speak with. Does it matter that I’d like to talk about art one day and movies the next? I seem to be getting the impression that it does.
I don’t know what direction to head in and I am feeling rather confused about the whole ordeal.
And I don’t know where to go to get the answers that I am after.

I do know that it is a time for big changes ahead for my blog and it might be a bit rocky ahead while I work through these thoughts and changes.

I really need to have a deep think about where I am going with the blog and what it really is that I would like to say – and honestly. I don’t see myself as that much of a fangirl anymore.
I hate to say it, but I don’t fully enthuse and put all my energy into the adoration of fictional characters and things anymore; so that aspect of my blog isn’t even true anymore.


  1. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog. I can see what they mean about making it a specific themed blog, as it directs readers to their interests quicker and easier. I have seen some very successful blogs that do a bit of everything though. They tend to put their blogs into categories under a menu in the top. So maybe you could tag them into those, and separate out the more art based ones, from gaming and family life?

    I would just be worried that you’d lose everything about this blog that is ‘Jenn’ and trying to be something your not will only make writing it so much difficult.

    Have a look at this site they split it into different categories for easier navigation

    Good luck! and I always look forward to reading some more blogging in the future!


    1. Thank you, I appreciate this comment a lot.
      I’ll see if I can impliment a menu at the top of the blog and see if it helps. I do have menu at the side, but a drop down menu might work as well.

      Thank you for the link as well, it’s encouraging that other blogs can ‘make it’ even if they lack a general focus. The one you linked me too seemed to have the overall umbrella of parenthood though – and I feel like it’s that one umbrella focus that I am lacking over here.

      Again, thanks for the comment it’s been nice to hear some other thoughts.


  2. hey there! I started my Blog about a month ago and I’m happy with the views that I’m getting and what’s good is people are actually commenting and stuff! I think it’s important that you have the correct tags for your posts because thats how i find blogs that I’m interested in reading. If you have a lot of interests just schedule them by days!
    With my Blog On my menu I have a dropdown for international topics, motivation, advice, photography so people can just have a look at whatever they like!
    And if someone comments on your work its important to reply and check out their page because it encourages others to look forward into your own page AND you get more ideas on what you can do with your own page!
    Joining groups are pretty helpful too because it’s a blogging community full of people who actually cares and understands why we blog even though we’re all on different topics!
    Hope this helps!

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    1. Heya!
      Thanks so much for your comments and the hints/tips, I really appreciate it.
      I checked out your blog and it looks and reads great, so it really feels like a boost to have you comment on mine.
      I’ve added a menu for my topics since writing the post you commented on so thank you for the hint on that.

      I didn’t know that WordPress had groups? Could you tell me a bit more about this?

      Thanks again


    2. oh thanks heaps!
      Blogger Groups on Facebook (: The good ones that will actually get you results are the ones with rules. There’s a group called ‘Bloggers supporting Bloggers’ very helpful as long as you help them back!

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  3. I so agree. So many things inspire me I cannot imagine focusing on one topic. Maybe it doesn’t matter if we talk about movies one day and tea drinking the next as long as we feel inclined to lovingly write something. I don’t know. I am still feeling and finding my way too.

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  4. Hi I have two blogs one is focused and one was very random but have found a year on it is becoming a tad more focused with photographs. From what I’ve read of yours I say enjoy writing what you like and don’t worry too much there is a bit of everything for now . . .in time you might find things become more focused but if not it doesn’t matter as a few others have said you can always organised via categories.

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    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, I believe I have said it before, but I am glad that it’s possible to have a blog and run it successfully while having a varied heap of interests.
      I have added a categories menu to the top of my blog already, and I think it’s helping to keep me focused on a few topics for the blog.
      Again, thank you.

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  5. I thought about this as well when I first started my blog. I came to the conclusion that I write for myself, and about what I like and about what inspires me. If others like it then great. Is it important to have a bazillion followers? It would be nice but I’ll settle for a few good ones that read and enjoy what I have to say.

    You can to the same, step away from worrying about what others think or what they say your blog should be like and just be you, doing what you do best. Write and enjoy. I do and I love the feedback I get even if it’s just one comment, that’s one more than none.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, it’s wonderful to see and hear that others can create wonderful, personal blogs. Knowing others do it makes me feel a lot more validated.
      And you’re right, my blog is my blog. Not anyone elses, so why write for anyone other than me.

      Thanks again


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