Blogging goals.

So I have started a few courses here on WordPress, because I’d like to take my blogging that one step further – I even brought myself a little Asus Transformerbook in order to help me blog more – and one of the suggestions is to write about my blogging goals.

I’ve done this sort of thing before, with other aspects of my life; writing out goals and seeing how many of them I can get done before the end of the year – mostly with help from yearly workbooks by Leonie Dawson; I didn’t buy it this year due to a rather big mark-up in price and I didn’t see enough fundamental changes; but I digress already.

My goal is to get 100 followers in three months. It’s a pretty big number in blogging terms, especially for someone who is as little known as I am, but I think it might be reachable. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and be as focused as I can to reach my goal.

As another goal, I would like to give the blog a bit more of a direction; while I have blogged a lot about my Fangirling past, I feel that it’s time for that chapter to come to an end and for me to look towards the future rather than a nostalgic past (I am sure it’ll still creep in now and again) but I would like to write more reviews of things; books, places, movies and video games – as I feel that this is content that actually has some sort of meaning to it. What are your thoughts?

The big question really is how do I reach other people? Commenting, sharing on social media?
I have alrady spent a lot of time streamlining my categories to make the place a lot better organised!
There is clearly a lot more to this whole blogging thing than I initially thought, even though I have been writing on this blog for over three years now!
It’s an exciting time ahead and I am looking forward to it.

  1. yes, it seems to be a very slow process building up Followers on WordPress. i just finished the Branding Course and did the Blogging Fundamentals. all very useful, but hard to work out what works and what doesn’t. i just put blogging branding into my tag search and it seems a better to way to find people at least who are struggling with the same issues as me and to have something in common to comment about. good luck on your blogging journey. i must say i do enjoy the challenge of it all.


    1. Thanks for the tagging tip, I’ll certainly be giving it a follow and see who I can find.
      It is hard work figuring it all out but the challenge is great, I am loving my blogging journey as much now as when I started.
      Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it.

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