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The Antics of Toy Stark and Friends… Perhaps one of the dumbest ideas I’ve had for a while. It has come to my attention that I own a few collectables/action figures/toys/whatever. None of them are boxed and they live on the mantelpiece at my house. Sometimes, I move them around and make up stories about […]

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Just doing a little sharing out for a new blog. I was asked by the author if they should go ahead with this crazy little venture, and me being supportive of all things creative, fun and nerdy, I said a very big yes!

Initially the author was on about starting a tumblr for the idea, but I thought that the wordpress community would be a better place for it. Seeing as things can be found easier with the reader and well…wordpress isn’t tumblr!

Also in the discussion of this idea I managed to get roped into it. I have a bit of an action figure collection to my name and just decided it would be fun to get in on the action too. I am adding a Thor to my selection and will take photographs to introduce my crew as soon as he arrives. But I am very pleased to have been invited as a co-writer.

(I also have a Spock, but it’s older Spock, so I can imagine them doing the science and discussing logic together.)

Until then, enjoy and please follow, the antics of Toy Stark and friends.