What do I do with you now?


Well, now that I’ve created you two, what do I do with you?

This is where I’ve always have a bit of a conundrum with my fine art, especially my paintings. The truth is I am getting a bit of a collection of my own paintings (Which I always forget to sign, I’ve just noticed yet again) and I never really know what to do with them. I have a few of them new and they’re taking up a bit of space.
The other thing I feel is that I shouldn’t create any more paintings until I do something with the others, I don’t know why I feel this way about them though.

What’s wrong with making a mega heap of paintings? And collecting them.
And why do I find it so hard to part with them?
Does anyone else have this problem, they actually like what they create and feel a bit sentimental to part with them?
And are running out of wall space to sensibly put things in!

What do you all do with your finished creations?


The above image I am still going to be doing some work on as I am not quite satisfied with how it currently looks. I’m hoping the weather holds out so that I can get into the garden to finish it off.


Out of all the recent image the one above is the one that I absolutely hate! It just looks a complete mess and ugh! I just don’t like it!
Yet when I spoke with my sister it was one that she seemed to prefer out of the lot… I think? I can’t quite recall, I am sure I’ll be corrected if I am wrong.
So when she is visiting in a week or so’s time we’re going to be making a collaboration out of it. Which is something that I am most excited about.
I absolutely adore doing collaborative works and it’s something that I would love to do more of in the future, so if everything goes well, I’ll be looking to do some more and more people to do them with.

So, if anyone out there would like to do some work together then please get in touch!