Thoughts while doing the Ironing

I was wondering today, as the title suggests, while I was working through the ironing pile why I had always been a bit afraid of really saying hello to the world. Until recently this blog has always been something of a bit of a dark, dangerous secret. Known only by a few friends and family members.

Yet being myself and showing my interests in various things hasn’t ever been something I have hidden all that well. In the past I’ve brought various items to decorate my rooms or spaces; such as figures, posters, artwork commissions and such other geeky things. However somewhere along the line I seem to have begun to fear how I was judged by outsiders – new people that I meet and let into my life; as such the blog felt like it became something of a taboo. For a while I didn’t even know if I should carry on updating the site or not.

I didn’t update for some time, but while I swapped shirts on the ironing board, I wondered why? Why do I feel that this blog, essentially who I am, is something that should be squirreled away like it’s a bad thing.

Why can’t I include all the wonderful aspects of my life on here? Why do I have to hide my abstract art from my other artwork? It’s not like I am a professional person, nor do I really have the ambition to be anymore. I am just who I am, a simple person living in Bury with my husband, son and dog. With an interest in Art, Action Movies and some very nerdy things indeed. And you know what. There’s no shame in that. Not all women can be interested in fashion, shopping and conventionally attractive men!

I know I have spoken about these sort of things before, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to remind myself that I’m not doing anything wrong.

So, just like my twitter account, I think it’s time I was a little bit more honest to myself and to the people who are following me as well.