Hello WordPress!!

My name is Jenn – I am an artist of the doodle variety.

I have tried the whole blogging venture before, but never really found to much success with it.  I’ve always come across stumbling blocks that mostly include ‘I don’t have anything  worthwhile to say,’ and I would like to change that with a more involving lifestyle  as well as a new attempt at blogging to go along with it.

In previous blogging attempts I always feel that I’ve not had the formula right and that something has been missing. As you can probably tell I can talk about myself until the cows come home. No doubt we all can, but what was amiss was the interaction levels with other people with the same interests, I aim to change that this time and it seems that WordPress has a wonderful community connected to it.

The influences for my artwork come from the natural world – I adore animals as a great generalisation, and birds too. Though my interests are very varied, so no doubt it’ll all be seen in my doodle style sooner or later. Some of the subjects are street/urban art, graffiti and abstract art. I’m also interested in Pop-Culture, 1900’s history (I am sure this era has a name, someone please enlighten me) Art, Art movements and generally talking about all forms of art. Characters, designing and pre-existing ones, and a whole host of other things. Such as Movies, television series, Templars and Colour.

I am sure there is a lot more to come and a lot more for us all to talk about and I am really looking forward to it, but I think I should leave the introduction there or I will just end up waffling about very little.

Much Love