This is strange

Over the past few days or even weeks, I don’t remember how long it’s been going on. I have had difficulty focusing. Like all the things I adore and fangirl over are swimming around in my head poking me for attention. It’s kind of horrible. It’s troubling me more than I can actually state on here.

All thoughts rapidly colliding, yet with no real feel to them. I glimpse at things from my various fandoms and I don’t really feel anything towards them. Yet I remember why I love each and everyone of them. The fun, the stories, the characters.

Maybe it’s just me always overthinking. Now that I seem to have little to do? I quit deviantart because I was spending all my time there just searching for something I felt was missing. I don’t Roleplay anymore because inspiration was lacking (and has been for a long time now.) It’s not exactly a good fun time of the year weather wise; all doom and gloom where I live.

Even as I’ve been writing this post, I’ve been looking at some of the places I used to visit a lot on the web,, tumblr (Looking at fandoms) and I can’t really feel much connection with any of it. It’s strange and I’ve never really felt this way before… is it the end of my fangirling era?