Inquisition: Hawke

“Not much going on Hawke, you’d be the first to know if there was.”


I’ve recently made the purchase of a PS4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’m not going to say all that much about it, mostly because of spoilers and all that sort of thing.

But you know.
I am so glad that you’re able to change the way Hawke looks when he does turn up. Even if you can’t change his attitude – I mean, I remember my Hawke being a lot more sarcastic and the most sassy healer that there was going… also a pro-Templar mage.

That doesn’t come across so well in DA:I. He somehow became Mr. Serious.

I’d like to blog some more of my opinions on the game, but I think I shall wait until I finish it before becoming preachy

  1. I felt the same about Hawke, she’s kind of lackluster, and I’ve been disappointed with Varric’s attitude as well. At least we have Dorian and Sera to lighten things up a bit.


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