Emergency Blogpost: Ultimate Betrayal

So, it’s been made pretty clear as of late that I’ve confessed that I am a Varys fangirl.
But… sometime over the past four days my love for Varys has waned and somehow… somehow… Little fucking Finger has wormed his way in. Like the slimy, creeper that he is.

I can’t say that I overly like him still, but there was an ongoing conversation this week between many members of my partners family over which House of Game of Thrones we all belong in.

They consist of four brothers – a part of the reason they belong in House Baratheon. Their personalities generally fit as well. One is older and claimed t be an antisocial, miserable bastard – Our Stannis. One used to get into a lot of fights and reminisces a lot over days gone by – Our Robert, the last of the brothers likes flashy things and leans towards extravagance – Our Renly. The last brother claims to make King Joffrey look nice so that is the Baratheons.

One of the Brothers wives we claimed was a Tyrell – though I cannot recall the reasoning.

And I was given House Baelish – maybe they think that I am some sort of whore? I don’t think that was the reason. It is known that Jenn’s are always up to something. I think it has more to do with the Eyrie, the house sigil being a bird. Being a little bit on the weird side and wanting to do anything in my power to kill the Lord of my House.

And yet…

I find that I no longer actually detest Baelish in the way that I once did. It’ll be a hard confession to announce – but it’ll be fun and explosive when it comes out. It really will~