When will I learn?

That no matter how hard we try, even though our own worlds are falling apart around us, some people just don’t want saving.

So maybe I should have said something to someone a long time ago, but I wanted to be friendly and supportive of them – because thats what friends do for one another.
Sometimes support also means telling them that life isn’t a drama party; that sometimes things will be their fault and they need to accept the consequences for their actions.

I can’t name names, my mother taught me better than that, but I’ve had this reaction with friends before. All take-take and no give. Makes me rage. I listen to every single inch of a rant or problem but when it comes to me having problems there is no give back.

I’ve said it before.
But this time I mean it.
I’m done.

Only thing I am going to be giving of these days is my art – and I mean that in the, I’ll share my artwork with the online world in the hopes that someone will see it and hire me.

Fed up being used and abused by people.