200!! And reasons to subscribe! :D

Well, this is my 200th post on this blog. I must say I feel rather proud of myself for that fact alone.
Here is to the next 200 *raises glass*

Onto the reason for the post.

If you’re alert, you may have noticed a new widget on my side bar? If not, then have a looksee now~

It’s a subscription box for email addresses! That’s right folks! I’m going to be sending out weekly (ish) letters to all my wonderful subscribers.

Here is what to expect!

1. Updates on what wonderful creations I’ve been getting my nose into and what to expect in the future.
2. Exclusive work in progress photography
3. Details on upcoming events (Give aways, sales, shows and who knows what else the future holds!)
4. A means to connect with my supporters on a more personal level.

I am certain there are a lot more reasons that I’ve not even thought of yet that I shall pack into these little letters to you.

If you’d like to become a member of my letters list then please follow pretty little link.
Or alternatively there is the subscription widget on the side of my blog.