That moment comes.

I think it takes incredible strength to let something go. Where you just look over it and think… it was fun while it lasted. I think that is even so with personal projects and characters. Sometimes you just need to look back and say “That was fun while it lasted.”

Not everything needs to come to any real conclusion and it’s not a bad thing if it doesn’t. Not everything can be a great success, but as long as you learn from what happened during that time then it’s still a success – even if it’s not a great one.

I’ve a few projects that I have looming over me which I need to do this with. Otherwise their shadow will loom over me for time immaterial.  While I do not know if letting them go forever is the way forwards either, but I feel like I need to release some of it in order to move on.

Maybe this is also so with places in which we inhabit? I mean in the digital space sense. I find that I am far to concerned with the places in which I spend time – the communities that mean little in the grand scheme of things. Where your soul just gets sucked into this whole meaningless mess and every time you go there you feel yourself being more and more drained by something that’s not worth it in the end.
But when that something is all that you’ve really known for the past… however many years – as long as I can remember. How do you just stop going? How to you break that addiction to it? Because no matter how hard you try you just keep on going back.

If anyone has any advice on this, it would be great!
I mean, I still want to share what I do with a network, but I don’t know how I can really adapt to current trends in the digital sense.

Hmm. Dilema it seems.