Battle Report. Number ?

So I lied about finishing one fiction before starting another.
I couldn’t help it. The guys talking to me just wouldn’t shut up until I started on their story. So I did. I hope they’re satisfied now!

I’ll try and see this one through to the end before doing anything else.

Had my first game with my Guardsmen the other day.
It was really fun, and really different!
We allied with the Templars of Righteousness; which we always will do as that’s what they were brought for.
Having a Psyker on the side was really different as well, never used one before (As lame as that sounds) as the Blood Guard thinks all that magic stuff is a bit heretical… I hope they never meet my Guard army.

Anyway. Back on Track.
The game was against some Dark Elves, which I’ve never faced before. They can pack some really nasty stuff, but are pretty squishy; so it was really nice to introduce them to a few rounds of Lasgun fire. Elves don’t like torches it seems. Especially dark elves. (Haha, bad pun)

I can’t really think of anything overly amazing that happened during the battle. Only that my Primaris Psyker got denied… twice. Which he wasn’t overly impressed with.
My mental Veterans didn’t really get their chance to shine in this particular game, but my Platoon Commander did like giving it to Lelith (I think thats her name)

The Templars of Righteousness basically did all the ass kicking while the Guardsmen (Who still need a name, needs to be something Aliens related) held an objective!

So…who wants to send me on a battle report writing course!?

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