Soul Calibur V

I rarely get angry about things
But Soul Calibur 5 is actually making me rage!
This weekend I had my sister come over and stay with me, which was epically great fun; rather than going out we opted to buy the new game in the Soul Calibur series. Personally, I have been a ran since Soul Blade on the PSX and still have a copy of all the games on various consoles and I have pretty much enjoyed them all, for better or for worse.
Soul Calibur V, it just makes me feel sad, disapointed and then angry.
4 Hours into playing the game, I am pretty much finished with it. Story mode took us next to no time at all and has no replay value to it what so ever; even the cut scenes looked like a cheap cop-out of comic story boards and while they were nicely drawn, they just weren’t the in depth story that was any good. The plot itself was laughable and predictable; we had more fun saying what was going to happen before it did. It was one of the worse piles of words I have had the misfortune to watch/read for a long time.
I know most people buy fighting games to beat one another up, and this part of the game was pretty good fun; what I cannot understand is the Soul Calibur series has some absolutely fantastic characters in it, so why did they decide not to do anything with them? They are all just… there. No individual stories, no nothing! At least in the previous versions of the game there was something about them, even if it was limited.

Personally, I do not have XboxLive. So I have half a game.
Not even the decent half it seems.
I can play a weak Arcade mode, constantly fight single battles against the CPU in VS mode, play Legendary Mode; which is just essentially the most bollock hard thing ever or create my own character for these unfulfilling modes.

Don’t get me wrong, character creation is pretty fun in itself, yet when I have made my fun and silly characters (We created a Castiel and an Alistair for our entertainment) there is precious little I can do with them.
I am not exactly asking for much here.
Survival mode; that would have kept me entertained for hours. There would be some sort of challenge there or at the very least some fun.

Maybe I am disapointed because I have adored Soul Calibur/Blade so much in the past. I think I was just expecting more than this version delivered.

Also… I understand that Online is all the rage now and again, but why is there so much emphasis on playing games online? Why does the market cater so much to these modes rather than giving offline modes some substance?