I feel all warm and squishy inside

I had a couple of reviews on Fanfic.net recently. I confess, at first I didn’t even bother reading them even though I saw hat they were there. Why? I expected trolls! When you take a character as high profile as Rambo and write about them in a fictional setting, you don’t expect many people to stand behind you clapping! You expect people to be all the more negative or critical about these your fictions.

So after a day of being “Fuck it.” I read them. They were completely the opposite of what I was expecting, they were encouraging and asking me to continue. Or that the one shot was well written and interesting character development.

It just made me smile to know that there is a little bit of support and love out there for what I am doing with my spare time, even though it would have changed nothing if they were them nasty trolls!