Guest Post: Lucreace

*Holds up hand and steps forward*

Hi Everyone, My name’s Debbie and I have a confession to make. I’m an obsessive Fan-girl.

One thing I have noticed during my travels through the wonderful world of the web is that all fangirls express themselves in different ways. Personally, I tend to write (awful) fan-fiction of an erotic nature, definitely not suitable for minors (or anyone!). I also tend to horde pictures of my victims and keep them in a stash on my trusty netbook.

Others express their devotion by drawing pictures, writing short pieces to go with the illustrations and various other activities too. One of the best Fan-girl experiences I had was a joint collaborative project with Jenn called G.Y.P.O. That’s Get Your Perv On for those not in the know! We each picked a character we felt a particular connection with and had to draw/write a piece for each other about the subject of our desire. This project was immensely fun to do and I’d recommend doing it to anyone!

I’d also like to mention something on the two types of Fan-girl, Proactive and Reactive. I tend to be proactive; I’ve had characters ‘walk’ up to me and suggest the idea but rejected them. One I said no to because I didn’t have the time. I mean. WTF? I didn’t have time? And this guy was hot too.

I know others (Jenn I look at you) tend to be a bit Reactive. These are the ones that are so powerful you just can’t help yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I have these as well and man are they amazing but sometimes… you just have to wonder… why?

My current obsession is D’Artagnan by the way. Seriously… French??

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